Tulip Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Connecting with others is rewarding; it makes us feel like we’re not alone in the world. 
– Jonah Berger

Practices that support relief and healing of physical and emotional discomfort are important to everyone. Modern approaches to health care often address symptom relief or return to function without addressing the root of the problem or enhancement of health and vitality.

Tulip Energy Healing offers a way to restore harmony and balance in your energy system. My healing sessions empower people to heal and find health and wellbeing through holistic means and the use of Healing Touch energy modalities. As a linguist, I can go beyond the spoken language to explore that which is silent and felt from within.

My Belief

Beth Horsager offers an energetic approach to relieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress that compromises a person’s energy field and sense of calm.

I will be a conduit for energy healing anchored in the intention of love and wellbeing.  


Healing Practice

This is the best energy healing session I’ve ever had!

Positive Sessions

I love our sessions and look forward to them every time.

Caring Practitioner

I was so relaxed. I could sense your hands around me working the energy, even though you were working from a distance. Thank for your caring spirit.